Flash Five!

Hello all! It’s Spring Break and I’m doing nothing. Okay, well not completely nothing. I went to visit my high school best friends for the weekend (I already miss them) and I am working this week. I’m just not taking classes.

Anyway . . . here is this week’s Flash Fiction! (Taking a break from Ace and Janie)


Prompt: “I can’t”


“I’ll post the slides on the course site this weekend. I will see you all on Monday.” My professor said as I scribbled down the last of his PowerPoint.

“You should go talk to him.” My friend Siera said.

“Talk to who?” I said.

“Jace he was totally checking you out.” Siera said pointing at the broad shouldered man across the room.

Jace was the star athlete on the football field and the smartest guy in the history department. He was a level of attractiveness that melted you into a pool of goop. The kind of guy that made your mouth fall clean off. He was too beautiful for girls like me. I was pretty but I was nothing like the flock of girls huddled around him.

“Oh no.” I said. The bird like females pretended to be clueless about the notes. God he’s so nice. Why is he helping them? “Remember what happened the last time you made me talk to him?”

“That was before Ben! You’re a different woman now. You know how to flirt!” Siera said slapping me on the shoulder.

I shook my head as the class emptied. Ben was her my boyfriend. We dated for eight months before he shattered my heart and self-esteem into a million pieces.

“I can’t. I can’t talk to him.” I said. It was easier to talk to Jace when I was dating Ben. “I don’t even like jocks.”

“I know, but you need the confidence booster.” Siera said.

“Siera, I’m just not cut out for a successful . . . anything with boys. We’ve already established that.” I said heading towards the exit.

“Wait! He’s leaving!” Siera said. She grabbed my shirt and I went flying into hard muscle.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry.” I said. I had slammed into Jace and oh my god . . . he looked even better up close. I wanted to die. His blue eyes glinted as he released me from his hold. I looked around and Siera was gone. We were the only ones left. “My friend’s a jerk.”

“It’s okay.” Jace said and laughed.

“She’s just dead set on throwing me towards any random hot guy she can think.” I said. “I didn’t mean to slam into you.”

“You think I’m hot?” Jace said, lifting an eyebrow.

“No . . . wait! I mean. I do but . . .” I said and placed my fingers between my brows. “Ugh! I didn’t mean to say that out loud. This is so embarrassing.”

Jace laughed again and I felt myself dying. I always seemed to speak without thinking around him. Ugh! I am so going to kill Siera.

“I think your cute too if that helps.”

“I’m just going to – wait what?” I said. Did he actually say that?

“Catch you later, Renni.” He said and tucked hair behind my left ear before leaving the classroom. I didn’t completely die, but I could feel my cheeks burning. I must’ve looked like a spotted tomato. Siera got so lucky.


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